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Drobo… The purchase process

After lusting after one of these gadgets for quite some time we've actually bitten the bullet and made a purchase. Hats off to Drobo European Inside Sales for contacting us when we expressed interest in their new 12 bay product. They put us in touch with a UK reseller who also earns praise for being supportive, not pushing the most expensive solution they could find and mature enough to know what they could sell us and what we could procure elsewhere (times are hard and every penny counts).

If you haven't heard of Drobo and you have a business where digital content is important/priceless then take a look at the product. It's impressive and the main reason for this is the way in which Drobo have extended the concept of RAID to something that can be used by "the rest of us". With the introduction of the B1200i there's probably a Drobo for everyone.

We needed to replace a stack of Firewire drives which, in conjunction with a Mac and  Apple's Final Cut Server software, act as our Video and Digital asset library and workflow control. The stack of drives (7TB capacity in total) was becoming unwieldily. Some of the older units were beginning to show signs of age and our thoughts started to turn to "what happens when one of these suckers dies". So we went shopping for a Drobo. We spent a lot of time looking at the Drobo website, playing with the capacity calculator and finally (as mentioned above) after a couple of conference calls decided to invest in Drobo Pro's.

See the next post for our impressions of the product now we have it.

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